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International Village Ministries is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Contributions are tax deductible using IRS guidelines.

International Village Ministries has established the following outreach ministries in order to increase communication across ethnic cultures for the sake of the Gospel:

Preaching and teaching

Since 2007, we have been preaching at local churches in Oklahoma and Texas, where there is a strong focus on international student ministry.

Sharing God's message in a culturally sensitive manner helps build bridges between different cultures to change the lives of international students. Delivering the message in their mother tongues is critical for these students.

Typically, these churches have all of the necessary audio and video equipment. Our officers only need to bring a PowerPoint file with laser pointer for visual aid. We teach God's words to uplift an individual's spirit and preach the principles of the Bible.

John Long periodically preaches in local churches in Norman, OK, and in China. Kevin Avery preaches in local churches in Tulsa, OK, and through virtual spaces such as Zoom or YouTube. Dave Oxenham leads a Bible study at his home.

These services are conducted with prayer and thought. A sermon is developed using hermeneutic skills. The honorariums for our services are faith based and non-obligatory.

Websites offering international resources

The purpose of this activity is to make religious resources available through the internet. Individuals of all nations have access to the Bible and other religious materials and receive discipleship in all languages through our website. Additionally, Chinese believers benefit from John Long's bi-lingual sermons in the English and Chinese languages. This program was launched in January 2007.

Foreign missionaries tend to lack resources to bridge cultural gaps. Web pages established by our organization in 2003 for missionaries in Uganda, Zambia, Nairobi, and Mozambique have proven to be helpful in communicating their purpose of missions to the U.S. groups of believers.

Dave Oxenham is in charge of maintaining the website. He periodically reviews the website and updates information on a monthly basis or more often if necessary.

Enhancing communications

We encourage church members engaged in ESL programs or any tutoring services to come to churches or university campuses where international students tend to congregate. They are asked to befriend and help individuals desiring to learn English. The participants have the possibility to meet for fellowship and encourage each other to live a holy life according to the Bible. During the meetings, international students may enjoy casual conversations with native speakers and enhance their knowledge and listening ability.

Working with churches in China

The purpose of this activity is to help bridge the gap between various cultures in church and educational settings.

We organize mission trips to China, where we establish home study groups and provide educational opportunities in churches to those in need of it.

All of the organization's activities are funded through donations received by the organization. Our efforts are promoted via internet and word of mouth. The board of directors is in charge of the organization's outreach ministries.

Other key activities

International Village spends a part of its time and effort on administrative activities, including regular meetings. Such activities are held to ensure that the organization is working efficiently and effective in fulfilling its objectives.

The organization also promotes itself among the community and other organizations. The objectives of engaging in public relations are to promote International Village among potential donors and encourage the public to contribute to our efforts. For these purposes the organization maintains a website (www.international-village.org).

International Village is also engaged in fundraising activities. This includes grant procurement and solicitation of donations from various donors. These funds are not used for private gain of any individual. Any surplus income for each year that may occur goes in the next year and is used for the primary purposes of the organization.

International Village will not participate in any fundraising program where there is direct benefit to the individual who raises the funds. We will adopt no system where individuals receive aid based on the amounts raised specifically for them.

It is the policy of International Village to help individuals who request aid, even if the individual or family does not take an active part in any of our fundraising activities. The support of an individual will not depend on the fundraising effort of the individual or family. We will make this policy clearly known to all recipients.


John Long



Highest Educational Qualifications:

Master's Degree in Business Administration

Professional Experience:

Has international education experience as a teacher and a multi-ethnic church leadership experience in the U.S.


As director, supervises all officers and agents of the organization to assure that their duties are performed properly; meets at such times and places as required by the bylaws; plans, organizes and monitors the activities of the organization. As president, supervises and controls the affairs of the organization and the activities of the officers; acts as the chairperson of the board and presides at all the meetings of the board; executes such deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts, checks or other instruments, which may from time to time be authorized by the board of directors.


Kevin Avery


Director/Secretary/Vice President

Highest Educational Qualifications:

Master of Divinity; Master of Arts

Professional Experience:

Has served as a pastor of a multiethnic church in an urban setting in America; Has served as a leader in a multinational church in China; Has taught English in universities in China, Poland, and America. Currently is virtually training pastors in third world countries


As director, responsible for imparting the vision of the organization and overseeing its day-to-day operations. As secretary, keeps the record of the minutes of the meetings of the directors; responsible for all corporation's paperwork. As vice president, acts as president in his absence; assists the president on all the duties.


Dave Oxenham



Highest Educational Qualifications:

High School Diploma

Professional Experience:

Has been involved with an international student ministry as a volunteer teacher.


As director, responsible for imparting the vision of the organization and overseeing its day-to-day operations. As treasurer, responsible for all funds and securities of the corporation, keeps and maintains accounts of the corporationí's properties and business transactions, including accounts of assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains and losses; prepares and certifies the financial statements to be included in any required reports; assists in fundraising efforts and special projects. Responsible for website creation and maintenance, computer and web administration, and newsletter compilation.